RaRo (Ranger and Rover)

RaRo is the fifth branch of the LGS, after Biber, Wolf cups, AvEx and CaraPio. In the RaRo, the boys and girls are between 17 and 23 years old.

The goals of RaRo are oriented towards the needs of young adults. They are on their way to adulthood and are supported by their scout group. They learn more and more to interest themselves in social issues and toengage themselves in their group, in their family and in society.

The RaRo meet regularly in their clan. They set themselves goals and rules for their co-living and co-working. They also learn new skills and democratic processes.



The group of albatross is open to all young adults who want to remain or become members of the guides and scouts, and who are over 24 years old. Albatrosses do not regularly perform their own activities, but rather help the local group with their activities.

Albatrosses can continue to be members of the LGS, but in addition to the membership fee, they also have to pay accident insurance if they participate in group activities.

RaRo and Albatross in our group

In our group, we offer activities for young people who are at a university abroad and want to keep in touch with the guides and scouts in Luxembourg. If you are already a member of the LGS, you can remain a member in your local group and become a member with us without further fees to participate in our scouting activities.

Our activities are also aimed at English-speaking young people who study or work here in Luxembourg. They are looking for contact with Luxembourgish young people through our group, because they are very interested in integrating themselves in Luxembourg. Through our activities, they often get to know Scouting for the first time.

If you are interested in participating in RaRo and Albatrosses activities in Luxembourgish, you can send an email to raro.albatrossen(at)esch-belval.lgs.lu.

If you have questions about the branch of the Raro or Albatrosses with English-speaking activities, you can send an email to studentscouting(at)esch-belval.lgs.lu.